Movimiento Victoria Ciudadana

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1. Strength In Diversity:

I am convinced that diversity is the strength of Movimiento Victoria Ciudadana [MVC]. As we unite around our urgent agenda and ethical principles we can see the ways in which we are different, and from there contribute to build an inclusive country, a Puerto Rico that includes us all.

2. Economic Development and Decolonization:

The Constitutional Assembly on Status is the mechanism for initiating a binding process for the decolonization of Puerto Rico. Hand in hand with this is our resolve to remove the Fiscal Control Board. Our commitment is to the development of Puerto Rico based on a just, sustainable, diverse, and dynamic economy.

3. Public Policies Based on Human Rights and Equity:

I am commited to promoting public policies based on human rights guided by the ethical principle of MVC to promote equality and equity within our movement, in our society, and in the government that we propose to build.

We reject exclusion or discrimination on the basis of sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, nationality, race,  philosophies of life, and spirituality, functional diversity, and socioeconomic position. In the same way, we reject male chauvinism, homophobia, lesbophobia, transphobia, and xenophobia.

"We have to build new social, political, economic, and cultural formations that acknowledge as equal our diversities and realize that respect and dignity of those diversities makes us stonger.

I have no doubt that the Movimiento Victoria Ciudadana is the alternative for building and rebuilding the country that we want."

Ana Irma Rivera Lassén


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